What is Suzo?

Suzo is a digital world which provides customers with an alternative to single use plastics.  By supplying reusable containers to the food industry and a digital platform to support it, we can activate a new form of zero waste packaging. Reuse.

Brand focused containers

Our containers can be stylishly branded to meet the needs of all the major brands.  The mouth sizes of our containers are fixed with only the height changing. This allows us to offer a jar lid and a drinking lid which are compatible with our three bases sizes, namely; 1 litre, 440ml and 250 ml.

From your favourite retailers

We designed the point of sale system to be as simple to retailers as possible.  Our tablet sits by the cashier, which only needs a wifi connection.

Oh and we make it simple for the consumer too.  Once the retailer has scanned their item as usual, all the customer needs to do, in order to lease the containers, is a quick tap of their phone on the tablet.

No cash deposit

Your smart phone or watch act as your digital deposit.  We gift you two credits when you sign up.  On purchase of your items the credits will be deducted and when you return your item to our smart bins we will refund it to you.  The more a customer returns the Suzo containers, the more we grow to trust them and can gift them further credits for that big ‘zero waste’ shop.

Located at stores

To make things simple we will place the smart bin at the supermarkets, so when you buy it is easy to drop back.

For smaller independent retailers who wish to get involved they can go without a smart bin and simply tap the returned items on the tablet.

And we collect and wash

The cleaning of the containers adopts the standard commercial washing procedure used by pubs, restaurants or for milk bottles.

7 minutes at 70°C to sterilize.