The Reuse to Zero

Partnership Programme

A collaborative programme determining the feasibility of standardised reuse.

Two Distinct Studies

Packaging Approval Study

The design evolution of the jars range, based upon programme feedback. Laboratory food trials of 440ml testing durability, washability & food safety.

Framework Consensus Study

Finding consensus on the framework methodology. The study will address items such as technology, logistics, data, smart contracts and accountability.

Your Advice Maybe Required

We are looking for organisations of all sizes to help in the study. So no matter if you are a corporate giant or a small independent, your help and contribution will be invaluable to the programme.  The tables below are split into the two studies mentioned above.  Partners will mainly be asked for advice. However, some will provide paid services for the packaging approval study.

Study One: Packaging Approval

Study Two: Framework Consensus

Want to Join Us?

The Benefits

Making a difference: Packaging contributes around 1% to the carbon footprint. Reuse can significantly reduce this whilst giving consumers a highly sustainable purchasing option. Your contribution helps us all.

Future Insights: All programme findings will be shared with partners in the form of a report. We will also aim to inspire you throughout the study.

Publicity & PR: Both the programme and the partners will be showcased on It will include a social media newsroom for your own communications.

Programme Schedule

The programme begins in January 2022. It is scheduled to run over 9 months. As a partner you would attend 2 online workshops over this period.

Further Information

Want to know more? Please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the programme details with you.

Telephone: 0044 (0)772 534 5394