Reusable Packaging

The Suzo framework is made up of two main elements.  Smart standardised packaging designed specifically for grocery reuse and a cloud-based platform to manage it all.

The Packaging

To the left is our jars range.  Our intention is to make them from 100% recycled Polypropylene i.e. with no virgin plastic.  We consider Polypropylene plastic to be the most sustainable and suitable material for reuse.  It is light for transport, durable to last and unlike other plastics contains no BPAs. By making them from only recycled plastic we are also encouraging a market to slowly reclaim those plastics which have been discarded into our environment.

Our containers are also smart.  They are tagged with a small marker so we can identify them and remove problems such as deposits and needing to take them back to the store you bought them from.

The Framework

The framework is based on both a cloud-based software solution as well as legal, financial and food safety requirements. The software platform manages transactions as the packaging changes hands between the various stakeholders. At this stage, it is employing smart contracts, which are set up in advance.  These deal with the legal and financial terms, whilst allowing us to know who has the container.

Food safety is a key component of the framework.  By understanding what was in the container previously, we can avoid any potential cross-contamination.  Furthermore, the containers themselves are physically designed to highlight certain food groups.  Lastly and perhaps most pertinently, the top restaurants, bars and hotels have been washing up for centuries with no segregation of plates, cups or knives and forks.  We just need to ensure their good practices are brought into everyday packaging.

Our Four Guiding Principles

To design a framework specifically for grocery reuse built on standardisation, simplification, safety and sustainability.

Standardising packaging

Simplifying processes

Safety and accountability

Sustainable & commercial