We work with you to understand how we can increase the sustainability of your product and services in order to benefit your business.

At Suzo, our Sustainability Consulting services are designed around client needs and where they are on their sustainability journey. We help to shape those requirements and deliver practical, sensible and measurable benefits. We take the sustainability problem, formulate a solution and then guide its implementation.

Net Zero

Maximising the benefits of a net zero carbon business to gain competitive advantage means acting now but many organisations identify significant hurdles to starting the process. These include perceived issues around complexity, cost, resource, expertise and the ever-present daily pressures of business. Our goal is to make carbon neutrality an achievable and financially beneficial reality for our clients.

GHG Reduction

For companies with operations in Europe, having a Climate Strategy with a focus on GHG (greenhouse gases) can be critical to meet the screening criteria of the EU Taxonomy. A climate strategy can be developed beginning with benchmarking and quantifying data before developing targets and how they can be achieved.


EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) signal a manufacturer’s commitment to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of its products and services and reporting these impacts in a transparent way. When developing an EPD, the environmental performance of the product includes a life cycle assessment (LCA) plus other information mandated by the reference PCR. The EPD is verified by an approved independent verifier before being registered and published at the International EPD System.

Emissions & CO2

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